Breakfast # 4: Walnut French Toast with Bacon & Stroop

I was feeling the need for extra sustenance this morning. Tons of work and all that. The situation called for three things: carbs, something sweet, and BACON. Yup, this little triumvirate can work wonders, at least for me, and this is how the holy trinity of breakfast elements manifested itself...

Walnut French Toast with Bacon & Stroop (serves one harried and running-on-empty person)

- 1 egg
- 1/4 cup milk
- 2 slices walnut bread (yum!)
- 1 tablespoon butter (I added more midway into the cooking because, well, just because...)
- 3 strips bacon
- Stroop

Here's what I did...

- Beat the egg and milk together.
- Soak the walnut bread in the egg-milk mixture.
- Heat pan and add butter.
- Add soaked bread to pan and cook till nice and golden brown.
- Place bacon in the same pan and fry until crispy.
- Put everything on a plate and drizzle generously with Stroop.

That sure hit the spot!

A word on Stroop: Stroop is my favorite all around syrup. Dutch "sugar syrup", also known as sugar-beet syrup or treacle syrup. It's dark, thick and super sticky and has it's own distinct flavor. The flavor actually reminds for some strange reason of piyaya, a local snack with muscovado stuffing. Anyhoo, I love it, enough said. I had it all the time on my pancakes in Amsterdam and hauled some bottles home with me. I can eat it with anything and, aside from pancakes and french toast, it's especially good with bacon & cheese & butter sandwiches. I dread the day I run out...