Breakfast # 3: Yogurt Sundae

Are you ever in the mood for something a little festive in the mornings? I am. Sometimes a little ingenuity can go a long way...even if it just means calling your yogurt a sundae and tricking your morning-muddled brain into thinking, "Wow, isn't this special!" That's what I did this morning...

First a note: I love yogurt. And I will love it whether it is plain, eaten straight out of its little container, or whether it is piled with delectable add-ons and christened "Paradis Latin Yogurt Extravaganza". I always buy it plain (Oh how I wish I could make my own! Soon...) so I start with a nice blank palette which I can embelish...or not. But some mornings (and you know which mornings those are) definitely call for some embelishment.

So, onwards...

1. Find a nice sundae-like container.
2. Put in some fruit. I used fresh pineapples, because why live in a tropical country if you can't have fresh pineapples from your neighbor's farm right?
3. Pour in the yogurt. Still plain store bought for me (sigh), but one day I will make my own! There have been attempts but the end-product was too sour...I think our starter was a bit persnickety.
4. Sprinkle (liberally) with your crunch factor. I used crunchy muesli, but you can use granola or nuts or a mixture of all of the above. Again this is store bought, but there are some yummy sounding granola and muesli recipes out there that I am quite excited to try.
5. Slip in something sweet and syrupy (again liberally, unless you have no sweet tooth). I used the lovely chestnut flower honey made by Agrimontana.
6. You can choose to now adorn it with some useless but charming accessory like a plastic monkey or a cocktail umbrella...but I didn't have any.

I feeling mighty fine now, and despite the weird weather (our rainy or WET season is starting) I have the urge to proceed in flip flops and a nice tank top.