Breakfast # 1: Fig & Gorgonzola Tartine

My first breakfast post! More to come I assure you. This is proof of how susceptible I am to the little "serving suggestion" pictures. I was wandering about Santi's Deli and I spotted a package of gorgonzola cheese with a picture of the gorgonzola spread on a slice of country bread and some fresh figs on the side. "Mmmmm! How nice that looks and I want to eat that right now!", I thought to myself. No fresh figs to be found but there was a package of dried figs in Santi's with the promise of being soft and moist written all over it, so I snapped them up. The figs did turn out to be soft and moist, and with the gorgonzola, an absolute winner. I think the flavors -- the stinky-cheesiness of the gorgonzola plus the sweet-stickiness of the figs (and the tiny chruch of its seeds) -- went together perfectly.

This made me think of another fruit/cheese duo that I get along with famously: Mango jam and Gruyere. My dad makes his own mango jam which I pair with the Gruyere I got from, well, Gruyere (adorable little Swiss town and home to the H.R. Giger Museum -- nice juxtaposition, no?). I am jealously hoarding it as it grows more and more ornery in smell.

Aaah, breakfast! The possibilities are endless...