MVOTD: TVXQ vs David Bisbal (Day 257)

Today's competition, TVXQ's The Way U Are versus David Bisbal's Ave Maria, is yet another example of two superheros fighting each other. Or maybe just two videos of similar quality competing. Both are quite cheesy and include transitions that make the heart warm. Oh, completely random transforming scenes, how I do appreciate thee.
Both The Way U Are and Ave Maria include all the important music video items: catchy songs, great dancing, interesting costuming, and various absurdities. That's why they provide such a conundrum. Watching just the first 30 seconds, David Bisbal would have won by well, about a mile or 1.6 km because he starts off so well. However, watching the whole thing, the music videos are about the same. Definitely a 49.75% versus 50.25% situation. (This is where the begging begins) That's why I need your help. I don't want someone to win when they are so close in quality. Therefore, if you don't want David Bisbal to win by a chin hair, let me know. Or, if you want him to win by a reasonable margin of error, also let me know. I originally wanted input into who wins anyway, so...if commenting works and you feel so inclined, go for it.
If there are no comments by the time the second round begins, David Bisbal shall win by the chin hairs on his chinny chin chin, and I shall only feel mildly guilty because I gave the denizens of the interwebs a chance.