MVOTD: Gold Miss vs Block B (Day 258)

And now for two completely different music videos. Gold Miss provides a fun and silly parody with their version of Gee, while Block B relaxes as pirates on the run from gangsters...kind Nillili Mambo. Both incidentally tell a story, but in such different ways.
Gold Miss's story starts off with a fat joke, which is not really the best introduction ever, and includes details like Boys Over Flowers references, a kleptomaniac(sic) creeper shop keeper, and marriage to a barely legal SHINee. They include what seem like lots of pop culture references from 2009 and throws money around lots. And while this doesn't sound entertaining, trust me, it can be.
Meanwhile, Block B start off in Vietnam, with Zico of the bad haircut mysteriously not being killed for monetary reward. Block B's storyline has great big gapping holes which are actually entertaining in their lack of logic and is nicely sequential. I especially like the chicken scene. The video adds to the song, and the song adds to the video. However detractors include the issue of Zico's hairdo, scenes which subtract from the video, and the token sexy woman of no dignity as required in gangsta' music.  
If you know the pop culture references in Gold Miss's Gee, then the music videos are about the same quality. If not though, Block B's Nallili Mambo wins with its slick camera work, nice colour saturation levels, entertaining plotline, good costuming, and catchy tune. The awkward dating/marriage/baby jokes of Gold Miss are still great, but as a parody aging decreases its enjoyability. Block B's Nallili Mambo moves onto the second round.