Apple tree

Like many other Portuguese explorers before me,  I have made it my goal to go about 'discovering'.


These trees in Graça looked like they were holding hands. Graça is almost touristless. I love it. It is Alfama's less  slutty sister, the Scarlett Jo to Alfama's Natalie Portman.

Whilst winding vines snare the creeping backstreets of Lisbon's oldtown,  Alto dos Moinhos, my suburban paradise, is home to a TROPICAL forrest.

Ahem, incorrect climatic descriptions aside, it is truly a forrest. Once inside, tree tops swallow the city and all you see are the dancing forms of tall white trees. Their layers of peeling silvery bark make them look as if they are taking part in a woodland striptease. 

Who better to sum things up? Erykah Badu: partial to public stripping and tree appreciation.