MVOTD: TVXQ (Day 247)

Old TVXQ. Enough said.
Well, maybe not. Old TVXQ is cheesy, often with bad hair or costumes, and inexplicably makes you want to take out your eyes...or something like that. I probably would have been a Cassie if I had found out about them in time, because they were just that bad. Their music video Survivor, features lots and lots, and lots, of Jaejoong. Maybe it is because he is the prettiest bishounen you ever did see, or maybe it is because he is the prettiest bishounen that you ever did see and the song is for TVXQ's Japanese market...where they like bishounens. Plus he is the prettiest bishounen that you ever did see (bishounen means pretty boy).
Jaejoong dances in the front a good 80% of this music video, even when other people are doing their solos. I think that says it all, as far as how pretty he is.
Now for the music video. Using their super high-tech not actual touch screen touch screen Mac's, TVXQ is in some sort of secret base. They also dance around, sometimes in their bad boy outfits, and sometimes not. Then trouble emerges. It's an emergency, and they are stuck in their ultra secret underground secret fortress. What will they do? Answer: be calm, dance around, and be saved by themselves. It's just a nuclear bomb that will wipe out the city. No biggie.
Unfortunately, that is the entire plot of the music video. Fortunately, it is a great music video. So cheesy and wonderful. I especially like when Jaejoong shakes Jaejoong's hand.