MVOTD: Miss A (Day 251)

Yes, Miss A's I Don't Need a Man. JY Park is silent in a rare case of him not saying, "JYP" at the beginning of the song.
JY Park is amazing at shamelessly branding his artists though (remember the Wonder Girls' giant light-up JYP staircase?), so all the money in the music video world has his face on it. 
I Don't Need a Man is one of the few feminist Kpop songs I have ever heard. I respect it for saying lots of things about how to respect yourself. Things like, "I pay for everything myself.", "I won't be a slave.", and, "You have to respect me." The sad part is what lyrics like that imply; that women sell themselves to men so that men will buy them stuff. It implies that couple relationships aren't based on mutual affection but on getting something from the other person. Therefore, even while I enjoy the song, I hope for more empowering songs to come from the kingdom of Kpop. Empowering songs remind us of what we can be.
As a song, I Don't Need a Man is fairly catchy. The beat is good, and the lyrics are good. Miss A goes for a slightly masculine look and dance, and it matches because of the topic. The only annoying part is that the chorus seems to go on and on and on, even though it actually doesn't.