MVOTD: Boyfriend (Day 252)

Boyfriend, the group, recently came out with what is apparently their first studio album. Maybe they had lots of mini albums before this one, because I seem to recall them having a bunch of songs...last year.  However the math works out, they named their first album the innapropriate sounding name, Janus.
Janus, which has the title track Janus, just sounds kind of like a euphemism. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks so, so I just thought I'd mention it.
Janus, the song, is pretty catchy. The chorus is especially catchy, and thanks to Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi, I shall probably hear it as, "You're not a Batgirl", from now on. Since, "You're not a Batgirl", is about a dozen times more interesting and fun than, "You're not a bad girl", that particular misheard lyric only increases the appeal of the song. Good job Boyfriend on the bad pronounciation. Now your only task is to convince me that the Boyfriend twins are still around and it's not just one guy pretending to be two.
Janusthe song, had some truly good parts. Boyfriend finally all look like adults. The dancing was pretty dynamic, and, most important of all (but not actually), the costumes were good. The biggest drawback was the not very interesting plotline. The music video could have gone SM (no plotline at all) and it would have had no effect on the quality of the music video. What that means is that even though everything was well done, it was still an average music video. Sorry Boyfriend.