MacDonalds is warm and the tunes are banging.

Lisbon wore a holed black coat and shivered. I shivered too.
After scurrying from a bike friendly flatwhite-house I visited Macdonalds. Just for wifi I swear. Then work became emails and a cheeseburger became an apple pie. 3 hours means it is time to leave.

Theatre Dona Maria looked like a wedding cake and the squares were odd and empty. All the ladies in wraps and head dresses had gone. So had their bags filled with colours and who knows what else. The Ginginhas sat quietly and one of the restaurant salesmen (the one who is too tall and good looking to care about enticing customers) juggled with a menu to keep warm (or sane from inevitable boredom).

Earlier today I listened to Bomba Estero and felt small next to the santa justa elevator. Sometimes I nod to the castle as if it were looking after the city. Its madness but so are many things here, for instance being given a cinnamon stick to stir an espresso.