October 15th, A Good Day.

Yesterday, October the 15th was a good day. I woke up (quite late), was greeted by my adorable nephews, and went on Facebook to wish my cousin a Happy Donghae's Birthday. Donghae, as it happens, is her favourite member of Super Junior and we know when his birthday is. 
Having completed wishing my cousin a Happy Donghae's Birthday, I went to go eat lunch with my adorable nephews.
And then we had birthday cake, complete with candles and singing...for lunch...for Mom's 16th birthday. 
Therefore, having by accident actually celebrated Donghae's birthday, here's a little picture in his honour.
...That's right. A rectangle of his favourite colour (another factoid I just happen to know), although black isn't really a colour since it's a shade. Just look at the opulence of that particular shade of black. So dark and black. Yes, definitely a real shade of black.