MVOTD: Yes. More Super Junior. (Day 243)

Since I am being lazy today, here is yet another Super Junior music video...Super Junior-M that is. Blue Tomorrow is probably one of the few serious ballady Super Junior songs that SM produced a music video for. It tries to be artsy, with the red string and the fire, but I'm not sure it succeeds. It does succeed at symbolism though. The red string of fate is burning. Burning up communication, time, memories, marriages?, etc. The red string burning is a good way to indicate the end of things. The sparklers were also good as far as 'end' symbolism, because even as they burn, you see there is an end.
I've never actually watched Blue Tomorrow as an artistic music video before, so thinking of it that way brought all the little artisitic/meaningful things to light. There's a lot of relational memorabilia that gets burned up; letters, "pictures", gifts, flowers, rings, cell phones. The emotion the guys portray is also not about themselves, but about other people, as if they are singing for people in a relational break-up. It was nice to notice those things.
I think I haven't enjoyed Blue Tomorrow as much before because I didn't realize its complexity. However, now I know that they don't add anything new in the second half of the music video. SM!...