MVOTD: VIXX (Day 234)

Vixx. One the first view of Super Hero I kept on thinking about the sets. One looks a lot like Super Junior's 4 sided stage for Sorry Sorry live and the other looks like the tube from U-KISS's Bingeul Bingeul. The best sets were the VIXX originals, which had attractive lines and appealing and interesting colour combinations. I also noticed that they say, "Face", a lot, and I thought Face was a NU'EST song. Huh. Actually, I realize that there is no 'V' sound in Korean, so they are probably doing an approximation.
Branding on Kpop idol outfits is really big these days, but VIXX does a good job of it, incorporating the VIXX symbol in different ways and colour combinations. I mean, VIXX is really branded with the VIXX symbol, which, being a robot, is kind of cool but overplayed. They also have lots of continuity in each member's costumes, so that you can figure out which one is which easier. Let's see, there's Fringe Guy, Sleeveless Guy, Mesh-Shirt Guy, and Gelled-up Hair Guy. As a newbie, I could definitely tell them apart. Good planning wardrobe. Good planning.
As for ingenuity or differentiation, VIXX is a little low on it, looking and sounding like a generic boyband. On the one hand, that's good because that means their dancing and song are pretty good, but on the other hand that is bad because they will have a hard time finding their place in an already saturated market. Fortunately they do a better job in Rock Ur Body with the video game theme. Differentiation people. Differentiation.