MVOTD: UKISS (Day 232)

UKISS...has a "clean" version of one of their songs. Since the very notion of clean Kpop music videos itself is funny (them being so much cleaner than North American stuff), the music video demanded to be reviewed.
UKISS's 시끄러!!, or something close to Shikuera, apparently has a dirty version...where you see UKISS's nipples. ...I heart South Korea. Banning man nipples from daytime tv. Stuff like this is why Kpop fans think of South Korea as pure and innocent. You just keep on being that way South Korea. We love you for it.
Back on topic, UKISS gives a stellar performance in 시끄러!!, first creeping on a Caucasian woman whilst riding a motor cycle realllllly slowly and talking in English...while using a distortion pedal. And the English is amazing too. "Hello. Hello. Do you know me? Dis is more than a pressant." I always thought that "Dis is more than a pressant" was a SS501 line, but apparently it's the lyricist telling everybody who he is.
Cue the distortion pedal. They are caressing the woman's face, but wait, now they are caressing each other's faces. Oh the cheap shots at the fangirls! Now they are slowly slicing velveeta cheese with their hands and preparing to do hydokin...Hidokin...that thing that Goku does on Dragon Ball Z. Conclusion from all these hand motions; they are all benders from the land of Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Then they are injured. Clearly they have just battled the Fire Nation. But then they are healed and drop their hankerchiefs. Magic hankerchiefs?
Okay, joking aside, I really did enjoy this music video. It was fun and high energy, with pretty solid costumes, decent sets, and cute English sentences. Plus the idea that they look like they are bending like Avatar is not that far off. My cousins were really into Avatar at one point and their attempts at bending didn't look too different. UKISS gets top marks for their music video 시끄러!! (clean ver.).