MVOTD: U-KISS (Day 240)

U-KISS. Simon and Martina. Together. Kpop Music Monday this week blew my mind, and maybe it blew your mind too. The song, Stop Girl, that was reviewed turned out to be a great song, just like they said. It's smooth. It's danceable. It doesn't need a music video to be appreciated. But it does have a music video, and a pretty good one at that. Not only do they dance in colour, but they also dance in Black & White....Yes, like a title. It's good marketing, because it's pretty much the same music video, but different. Here's the black and white version.
The dancing is pretty okay. I actually appreciate the female back-up dancers for once, because they're respectable and I saw making-of footage. Also, as Felicia pointed out, they have thighs. Maybe we're reading into it too much, but Simon and Martina might have some influence with the U-KISS. *Eyebrow wiggle*. Fun times ahead? Here's the colour version.
Personally, I think the still photo for the Black & White version is better. Maybe you agree with me. Maybe not. Maybe you want me to spell black and white consistently.