MVOTD End of the Month Review

Once again, August was a month of music videos. Disappointing ones, cheesetastically bad ones, and well polished ones. Here's the list.

4MinuteHot Issue
Andrews SistersBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Chi ChiLove is Energy
Chi ChiDon't Play Around
C-RealSorry But I
DA PUMPRhapsody in Blue
G-DragonOne of a Kind
GP BasicJelly Pop
HangengClown Mask
HangengBetrayal of the Soul
InfiniteThe Chaser (Dance Version)
JYJAyy Girl
Super JuniorSpy
Super JuniorMr. Simple (LG Commercial)
U-KISSOne of You
U-KISSA Shared Dream
Wonder GirlsLike Money
Wonder GirlsLike This
Wonder GirlsThe DJ Is Mine

Top awards go to JYJ's Ayy Girl, Dalmation's ER, DA PUMP's Rhapsody in Blue, G-Dragon's One of a Kind, Hangeng's Clown Mask, and Wonder Girls' Like This. Obviously, those last three were the well polished ones, where the first three were cheesetastically bad. Yup.
Even though I really wanted DA PUMP to win for their incredibly fun, high energy song and dance with the Japanese version of David Tenant, it can't happen because G-Dragon came out with a genuinely well done music video and song. That means that Super Junior needs to come out with a music video that will blow my mind in order to restore my ELF honour. SM, that means you. Do your job better.