Day. Life. Of.

It feels like it has been a very long time, but I suppose it has been only a few weeks, that I have been rather busy. In a rare moment alone and at rest, I find time to blog and post up a music video. Preferably either one I like or one that is interesting.

I realized today, even though it is only a third into the month, that UKISS, as the only group posted thus far for Music Video Of The Day in September, has a very good chance of winning the Month End Review. I thought to myself, "I hope Super Junior comes out with a good music video this month, so I can post it and they can finally have a chance at winning", since they have not won the Month End Review yet and they are my most favourite group. Then I thought, "I should let my dear readers know what I am up to each day, not that they care, but so they'll know what is going on." So that is what I will do. Here is a generic daily schedule.

10:00 AM, Wake-up, eat, check Facebook.
Hour Later, Prepare for work, make lunch/dinner, eat lunch, etc. etc.
Half Hour After That, Leave for work.
Half Hour After That, Arrive at work and do database things.
Mid Afternoon, Leave database job, change, snack, and drive to second job.
Half Hour After That, Start second job which entails folding lots of laundry.
12:00 AM, Get off of work, drive home, snack, do devos and get to bed around 1:30.

One could almost say it is a list. Needless to say, I work a whole lot more than I used to. However, it definitely puts a crimp in my style; my blogging style. Have no fears though, time is opening up and fun shall be had again. Oh the music videos we shall enjoy together.