MVOTD: Super Junior (Day 231)

I will admit it, due to personal time, this one is a cop-out. That's right. It's Super Junior's Mr.Simple, the 3D version made to advertise the 3D LG TV in South Korea. Being 3D, it's also terribly fuzzy.
I think that Mr. Simple 3D is a fun take on the music video, mostly because of the flying bicycle. ...And the magic yo-yo that reminds me of that cheese bomb movie Yo-Yo Girl Cop. ...And the paint burst, used to advertise F(x). ...And Shindong is shown off to great effect. 
Really, even though it feels lazy, and seems weird because we're not seeing it in 3D, and there are two members of F(x) doing nothing of importance.... I think in reality, it is sub-par as a music video but kind of rocking as a commercial. Good thing it is a commercial, and not an actual music video. Props to LG for their commercial.