MVOTD: Super Junior (Day 221)

Super Junior's music video for their song Spy came out yesterday. Spy is a suprisingly upbeat cutesy song. I was expecting something more serious and solemn song based on the costumes and concept in the teaser. However, it's okay. I am allowed to be surprised.
For Spy, the costumes, sets, and dance were good but not amazing. Some things were cool, like Kyuhyun becoming Ryeowook, but other than that it didn't blow my mind. Surprisingly, some members of Super Junior looked almost normal. This new situation inspired this, all picture credits to SM of course.
Someone commented that Spy was an excellent opportunity to do a storyline music video. I agree. Since the song was super upbeat, a cute spy story would have been really nice, but clearly the director wasn't thinking that way. 
 As I stated earlier, the costumes, sets, and dance were good. The scenes of various Super Junior members carting around guns were kind of cool (except Kyuhyun's), and the floors were all very shiny. There were some...other things though. On the positive side, Sungmin carting a gun looked like a teddy bear carting a gun and was thus cute. On the not positive side, Eunhyuk's Michael Jackson spy dancing was weird and seemed out of place, the sexy woman silhouette meant to make the music video more sexy just made the guys seem more like players, and Kangin shot her shoe.
On the whole, it an average quality Super Junior music video.