MVOTD: Infinite (Day 216)

Infinite came out with a new mini album in May. Their song, The Chaser, was the song made into a music video. Here is my stream of consciousness assessment of the dance version, because that is the way it worked out.
"What is this 90's sound? David Bisbal. Japanese looking guy. Why does he look Japanese? He's got long legs. That guy's suit has a lot of mesh on it. Why is he dressed up like Bi Rain? Transparent fringy Rain scarf skirt. Oh yeah, pay attention to the song. He's not the cute one. Where's the cute one? Their dancing is really in sync. They must have to practise their dancing a lot to get it like that. Japanese guy. The rapper's outfit is really not very good. Super Junior move! Synced dancing. Japanese guy looks like Rui off of Boys Over Flowers. That move looks like a bum grab. That's Daesung's move. There are no original moves anymore. Bum skirt! The fringe is moving. Etc. Etc."
Based on my deep lacking of paying attention to the song, I'm led to think either the washed out colour scheme washed out the song or Infinite was so charismatic that they stole all my attention away from their song. 
Based on my stream of consciousness, my maturity is in question. However, despite this, I do know that the costumes were of okay quality. They weren't fantastic or very flattering but they were also not horrid. The dance was okay too, and very well synced. 
In general the dance version of The Chaser Dance Version was pretty good. Having also seen the other version, I would say it is better.
Go, watch the other version of The Chaser. It's better.