MVOTD: Hangeng (Day 223)

I've been posting a lot of Super Junior in the past two months, so now it is the 13th member of Super Junior's turn. That right, His Royal Hotness 2009, Hangeng. His single, Clown Mask, actually came out on the same day as Super Junior's Sexy, Free & Single. However, Hangeng is not ready to bingo. He's ready to act out serious issues that popstars deal with...or whatever the song is about.
Here's a picture of Hangeng that expresses how I feel about him in relation to Super Junior. Good job person who made the fan art.
Hangeng's Clown Mask mixes a techno beat with fast "singing". It's a mix that really works for Hangeng in his album Cursive Writing. (Sidenote: I have a giant Chinese dictionary in which I once checked his name, and the album title may directly relate to the meaning of his name. Cool, eh?) His dancing, although robotic, is really quite good, escpecially when human Hangeng faces off with robot Hangeng. It is then that you realize how good a job he does at being a robot.
As far as the rest of the music video, the costumes are fine and the pixelation is artistic, not annoying. The concept at the end is even intriguing. As a whole it is a very well put together music video. However, knowing that in the past his music and music videos were an expression of his real feelings, this music video makes me sad. Clown Mask may not be a reflection of his feelings, but if it is, I don't want him to feel like that.