MVOTD: G Dragon (Day 230)

Thanks to my deep lack of personal time lately, today's Music Video of the Day is the first half of a two part MVOTD. Yes, G-Dragon's One of a Kind is just that jam packed with stuff to talk about...and I have 14 minutes to type stuff out.
G-Dragon's One of a Kind, a song with the beat G-Dragon does so well, paralyzes you for the first half of it with its intriguing costumes, literally yellow hair, and... well, just look at the costumes.
That tiger outfit is terrible, but the actual backpack is super cute. G-dragon looks bad with his hair down, but when the corn rows go down to the base of his neck, they look good. There's just so much going on. He uses contrast to its greatest potential, and, succeeds in being the most gangsta gansta in Kpopdom. I'm impressed. Seriously. And I kind of appreciate just how gangsta he can be, yet so adorable on occassion. It's weird and intriguing and will get him a lot of attention.