MVOTD: Chi Chi (Day 215)

Today it is Chi Chi's turn. Yes, that girl group with an unfortunate name. As far as I can tell they have two music videos; Love is Energy, and Don't Play Around.
Love is Energy is a medium paced pleasing sounding song. It doesn't make much sense but, do we really look for that in music? ...Well okay, yes we do, but we listen to Shakira don't we? The best part of the dance was the super fast hand waving. The rest wasn't terribly impressive. 
The costumes were okay. The best were these.
The wings and duo colouring made the outfits more interesting and flattering. The beige/white and black outfits with the 0's on them felt very computer themed and therefore cool. Aka. Who wouldn't appreciate binary code on clothes?
The music video was organized for optimum interestingness and was an altogether okay music video.

Don't Play Around is the reason that I appreciate Chi Chi as a group. The music video is fun, has a fun theme, interesting concept, and terrible outfits. The song is catchy too, so all together it is a rocking music video.
These are the worst offending outfits.
Amazing, right?