MVOTD: 4Minute (Day 229)

When 4Minute's song Hot Issue came out two years ago, it was really catchy. It was bright with lots of movement. Well, the video is the same now as then, but somehow it seems less catchy.
This picture reminds me of Chi Chi's Don't Play Around.
According to Youtube, the third highest group of viewers of 4Minute's Hot Issue were men 35-44. It isn't a mistake, but probably part of their target audience. 4Minute does succeed in doing that creepy thing where they are sexy and cute at the same time after all. Strangely enough, they also seem to show that mini skirts have gotten longer in South Korea since 2010. I didn't know that mini skirts fluctuated in length.
Well, whatever it is, 4Minute does a good job at what they were supposed to do.