MVOTD: TVXQ (Day 205)

Today in Music Video of the Day, we, I mean you, get to experience a visual costume masterpiece. That's right, today's music video is Android by TVXQ in association with AVEX Network. 

First up is Max.
Check out the sweet swag he gets to wear on his solo shots. I really like the one that looks like wigs attached to his shoulders. It is so glam. On the other hand, the leather fishscale shirt looks best if you can forget that it's scaly.

Now Yunho.
Personally, I think the pink jacket is amazing, if only because it is so bad. Who thought that a plastic pink blazer with spikes and metallic stuff would look good? Who knows, but they were right. The triangle shirt while also bad, is not so bad it's good. It is best when you forget that it is made out of metal triangles. 

Max and Yunho also had some pretty rad outfits together. Check it out.
That's right. Silver bum patches, unshapely construction suits with bad shoulders and good tails, funny dub-stepping effects, and a wonderful set of suits complete the Android costume closet. Honestly, my mouth was open in amazement and wonder the first time I watched the Android music video. Such amazing outfits. My favourite of all was the matching spiked "plaid" suits. They're nerdy and punk and amazing all at the same time. I really like them, especially with the sneakers, and would so wear one if it came in woman size.
As a music video, I'm not even sure how Android rates because I was so overwhelmed and distracted by the costumes. I know that the song was pretty catchy, especially for clubs (because it is club music) and the dancing was mediocre, but how well did it mix? Once again, who knows. What I know is that this music video has a special place in my heart. It's fantastic.
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