MVOTD: BoA (Day 211)

BoA's new single Only One is out, and watching the dance version there is only one word to describe it. Respect. BoA's got dance skills. She is one pop singer who doesn't hold her dance crew back (I'm thinking of you Bustamante, Billie Piper, etc.), and that deserves respect. Only One is also the single from her 7th album. ...More respect.
Only One is actually a slow song, so it is impressive that the choreography is as intense as it is while matching the song. The costumes are average, and succeed at what they are meant for - showing off the dance moves. Since the song is so well interfaced with the dance, it is hard to critic it. It is smooth and obviously romantic.
BoA's dance crew, made up of six guys, is interesting in that it is multiracial. Almost everybody in the world has a crew member that they can "relate to" from a cultural viewpoint. In my video viewing, the dance crews in Kpop are almost always uniracial/Korean, or there is one token white person who does not actually dance, so the way BoA does it so seamlessly is rather impressive. She's all like, "What? This isn't normal for music videos?" Good job BoA.
BoA is also one of the few people I've seen who tell a story with their dance duets. Other pop singers duets are more like "I'm sexy.", "I want you." with their dance duets. BoA's tell a semi-complex storyline. It impresses me every time I see it. Once again, good job BoA.
BoA's Only One gets top marks for being a good quality music video.