MVOTD: B2ST (Day 212)

There's not point in doing a music video review just after Eat Your Kimchi does one, so I will beat them to the punch. Wha ha ha ha ha. B2ST/Beast's new song, '아름다운 밤이야', otherwise known as Beautiful Night, is out.   
I didn't like it. Why, you ask. Beast is a solid group with good songs and dancing. How could I ever not like their music video?
Setting for one. I know that foreign settings are cool. However, foreign for the Korean market, and foreign for North America are different. Therefore, shooting a music video in New York did not impress me. I just thought about how much it would cost to shoot there the whole time.
Costumes. They were not attractive. It was like the costumes were mostly good, but each had a fatal flaw. The best pieces were the colour gradiated suits, Yeseob's surprisingly flattering pink 80's sweater thingy, classic leather shoes, and a red striped blazer. That's not very impressive. I expect more from Beast's stylists.

Next item - attitude. When did Beast get attitude? Are they gangsta's? Answer. No they aren't. For me all the attitude they exibit in this music video is on first thought repulsive, and on second thought misplaced and unnattractive. I don't like attitude that much.
Dance. There was no dance. Only the cars danced. This is usually not an issue for me because Beast can be thoroughly interesting without dancing, but I was so displeased that for me a choreographed dance could have saved the music video. It would have saved bad hairdos, my favourite member looking like a girl, over use of the back alley, bad costuming, and the unnattractive use of attitude.
The song was good though. I liked the song. It was a good song.