MVOTD: 9Muses (Day 203)

Hello everybody. Today I post from Alberta. That means that I don't have my computer on me and therefore don't have my song suggestion list. I suppose that changes nothing for you, but it makes figuring out what music video to post much harder for me. Today I rely on an unposted music video, 9Muses' Figaro. 
For Figaro 9Muses went with a disco theme. They didn't really do any sexy dancing, which is good because mixing cuteness and sexiness is about the wrongest thing you can do in music videos. They did have mediocre dancing though, with the 70's drop to the floor as their coolest move. The costumes were also mediocre with the sailor pants being the best and the other stuff not being heinous. As a song Figaro is low energy but still okay to dance to. I would say the strongest point to Figaro is that it makes 9Muses look like classy ladies, and being classy is a strong point indeed.