No Laggard in Love: Chapter 4 Review

Thus far Louise, our heroine, has landed in a ditch and talked to a potential sex maniac named Hamish. She has also recounted a good deal of family, and pet dog, history.

Chapter 4

Louise continues to be stalked by Hamish Black. He lounges seductively nearby while she phones her dad’s new wife, Margery. It turns out that Margery and Louise’s dad are having a hard time fishing due to low water levels. Oh, and no, they hadn’t heard about the B.B.C. "wireless" broadcast involving her disappearance. In fact, hearing about it makes Margery nervous…but then the line is cut off and Louise, called Linnet, phones Lynnette. Lynnette, it turns out, hasn’t been to her apartment all week and may be eluding the police. It seems that she was the last person to see a gentleman that disappeared on ship she got engaged on. Also, Lynnette’s roommate seems to think this fiance Alistair guy was foxy.
After the phone calls, Louise is forced to sit with Hamish who may or may not be a rich reporter (his Volvo is obviously of the 1000-2000 British pound level). He wants them (himself and Louies) to stay at the hotel. Louise doesn’t want to take his advice and thinks he’s creepy. Therefore, she goes to the upstairs “powder room” and escapes down the back stairwell. She then drives off with her whimpering dog Wow-Wow into the storm. Making a clean getaway, she turns down a minor road. She's getting away well when, “the sky fell”.