No Laggard in Love: Chapter 3 Review

After rehashing her history to us for two chapters, Louise Membury is finally going to do something other than drive a car in bad weather. That's right, she's going to talk to a complete stranger in an abandoned wood. Pretty smart, eh?
Chapter 3
Louise, called Linnet because her cousin has always been more important than her, meets up with the strange man at the clearing. There, after awkwardly slipping on the path and pondering about whether the strange man is a sex maniac (literally), she finds out that someone is looking for her… someone who thinks that she disappeared from home. That person got the police to describe her on “the wireless”, which was why Mr. Strange Afro Man knew her name. His name, it turns out, is Hamish Black and he is intrigued by her story. She doesn’t like him following her around. Therefore, he follows her around. She contemplates running away from him. Her dog continues to like Mr. Hamish. The end.