Ramblings (Day 166)

Life is busy. It just is. So much happening. So many things to do. That's why it's nice when you have a moment. A moment vivid and clear and fun. Something that will stick in your head for years.

I recently had such a moment, and I'm very happy for it. A friend, let's call her Agatha, came over to do a photoshoot. When she showed up, she was toteing massive nerf guns. I was like, "okay, so we're taking pictures with nerf guns." She handed me one and disappeared to elsewhere. Meanwhile, I finished up work on my blog...which was when those little nerf bullets started to hit me in the head. I was like "Agatha, stop it." and turned my head...which is when I found out that it wasn't Agatha, it was Pants.

I was confused. How did Pants get into my house? Whatever. I cocked my nerf gun and went after him, only to find out that there were several other friends invading my house with nerf guns. Nerf gun wars ensued, involved me pelting certain peoples in the head with nerf bullets. It was all very much fun, and we cleaned up afterwards because we're responsible.

For me, this moment will stay with me, because it was very meaningful to have friends surprise me like that. I hope that you too can have these moments. Moments to reminise over.