MVOTD: Savage Garden (Day 169)

Savage Garden. They were soooo cool in the early 90's. Or maybe it was the late 90's. Either way, they bring it. Counter-tenor high notes, romantic lyrics, smooth instrumental, and clips filmed on location in Paris (which we know thanks to a clip of the Eiffel Tower). The storyline, two (ruggedly handsome/pretty) people trying to meet each other at a bistro who miss each other by minutes and find each other through extensive and sad wanderings, would not work in today's world. The concept would not have worked now due to the extensive use of cell phones (call, problem fixed). However, for Savage Garden, the theme is poignant enough for the song, but not too romantic. Plus, the swagger walk the lead singer does is pretty great for filming. 
For people who can hear colour, Truly Madly Deeply, is burgundy/maroon (thanks Youtube for that tidbit). I think knowing that makes the song sound even more smooth and romantic, but maybe it's just me.