MVOTD: Coupleskate (Day 170)

Joe Christmas's Coupleskate. It's one of the few songs that I originally liked because of the music video (because VHS is so cool). The music video, which stars two awkward teenagers going roller skating together, is well, awkward. And cute. And just a little bit silly. The band, while not beautiful (as we are becoming accustomed to), are charming. It's a very nicely packaged music video.
Coupleskate as a song tells the story of someone going rollerskating with the person they adore. It is all very cute as they want to impress their special someone. Also, it is a tale of mild and pleasant happinesses. The world won't explode if things don't go right, which is nice because sometimes we need to relax. Here's Joe Christmas's Coupleskate.