MVOTD: BOA (Day 172)

BoA. She's super famous in South Korea, and once upon a time she tried to be famous in the States too. Here is one of the songs resulting from that attempt. Energetic. 
Notice the harem pants? Those were cool in 2009. Just saying.
 BoA is actually really pretty in this music video even though she's trying to be gangsta. I approve of most of her outfits. The wing shoes are cool, the 'B' braided into the side of her head is cool, the corset thingy looks cool, and I like the large amount of jewelry she wears. The only weird thing is the face glitter. BoA is also quite good at dancing and shows off her moves. BoA even has a pretty good English accent, which is great because 90% of singers in the same company(S.M. Ent.) don't. The biggest improvement to this music video would be a better song because the song is easy to get sick of. Other than that, this is a fine music video, and a good attempt at gaining the American audience.