Monday Review: No Laggard in Love

Otherwise known as No Laggard in Love: Chapter 1 Review.

Four years ago my Mom bought a bunch of large print books at a local book sale. Last weekend, she finally pulled them out. It turns out that she bought a jem, No Laggard In Love, by Leslie Lance. Clearly this was a book to be read. Why? Because it was obviously a cheesy romance set in Scotland (which is a land renown for its romance, no?).

In Chapter 1 many things happen. Many questions arise, just one of them being, how is a 10 year old car ancient? Car years aren't that small.

Chapter 1
Louise Membury, whose name you don’t yet know, is driving down a muddy track of a highway in Scotland pondering on why she agreed to do ‘this task’. ‘This task’ she then describes, from her tiny age gap with her niece and her father’s remarriage to a woman half his age, to her niece’s sudden engagement to a Scottish man. Louise’s father having remarried at 45, Louise is a second child, a mere 9 months younger than her niece, Lynnette. Her niece, Lynnette, is a model who travels the world doing modeling gigs. On the most recent trip, Lynnette becomes engaged to Alistair of Scotland. A passionate romance it probably was, but Lynnette wants to get out of the marriage so that she can go do modeling somewhere else (committed, wasn't she?). Thus, Lynnette confers the job on Louise who was going to take care of her father's estate during his honeymoon with the live-in nurse. Now Louise is stuck driving on bad roads in terrible weather.
Some notes: There are also five pages on how she got her dog, Wow-Wow. Amazing name, yes? Also, Louise, called Linnet for some reason, is an author. She writes books about her dog Wow-Wow. Also amazing, yes?