A short time ago, Nico was in that hellish limbo between sweet baby and self-sufficient school aged child. I believe most people call it the toddler stage. Eventually, some honest people came up with the term "terrible twos", although I still think that is somewhat of a euphemism. Nico's terribleness began at around 18 months and didn't really let up until he was 4. During this stage, Nico became my shopping partner mostly because Max refused to be left home alone with him. Since then, Nico has crossed over and become a human being again. But he has still remained my shopping partner.
We mostly go to the supermarket, but occasionally there is the trip to somewhere more fun. When we got in the car today, Nico began the following conversation.
Nico: "We don't go to Target enough. I 'm pretty sure the last I went to Target I was 3."
Me: "What can I say? You live a deprived life."
Nico: "So... are we going to Target!?!"
Me: "Sure. But you can only get one small thing." Famous last words...
Before Target, we had to stop at Kohl's. Yes we HAD to because 1. They mailed me a $10 off coupon (marketing at its best) and 2. My ass has gotten bigger since last summer and I need some shorts that don't cut off my circulation. As we pull in Nico and I have the following conversation.
Nico: "This is not Target. What are we doing here?"
Me: "I need to buy some shorts."
Nico: "I'll just stay in the car."
Me: "No, you'll get super hot."
Nico: "I like to be super hot."
Me: " Mookie and Grandpa like this store. It's their favorite." After hearing this Nico decides Kohl's is worth a look. He even finds a packet of Toy Story socks for himself. On the way out, we have a typical stupid parking lot incident where I attempt to back out four times before being able to leave my parking spot that two other cars are fighting for.
Nico: "Those people are @#$%' morons"
Hmm...where did he hear that? Oh, yeah, that's what I just said about 10 seconds ago.
Nico: "Is that a bad word? @#$%' morons?"
Me: "Yes. We probably shouldn't say it."
As it turned out, Nico was right about Target. We found him a very cool bike helmet that had been marked down to $5.56. But that pales in comparison to what we found next. Nico's big find was the most coveted of all the monster trucks. I was beginning to think that this toy didn't exist, but as Nico was raking through boxes of Monster trucks he suddenly let out a cry "OH MY GOD! IT'S MOHAWK WARRIOR!"
Is it pathetic to admit that I was pretty excited about finding it too? Oh, well. No way were we going to leave Target without MOHAWK WARRIOR. Nico had won the monster truck lottery. Here are some pictures of Nico and his monster trucks including MOHAWK WARRIOR