Skip-Beat! Episode 15 Review

Episode 15 (Finale)
Picture from TV Magazine/SUJU_MIRACLEPRESS

It’s Dun He Lian’s last chance to prove himself. Therefore, he has decided his Dark Moon character will play the piano with his character’s crush. Everyone is really nervous. Lian begins to play the piano badly. Then the crush joins in. They harmonize and get better. Then they play faster and faster until they are flirting. Yay! The scene is saved and Lian doesn’t have to retire from acting.
Afterwards, the president gives a speech of approval, Lian compliments another woman, and Gong Xi gets jealous. Trying to figure out why, she hears that Lian makes his co-actors fall in love with him so that they will act naturally (with love) back to him . Mr. Du, who helps her figure out this stuff, thinks that she is freaking out over him talking to other women and is worried that she will be a jealous girlfriend for Lian.
Meanwhile, the president is asking Lian who he loves. Lian is all like “I don’t love anybody”, but the president in his covertly smart way figures it out anyway. Filming is completed, and Gong Xi never has a good chat with Lian again, because Lian is awkward around her.
Months later, thanks to her super cool friend from the early episodes, Gong Xi goes to watch the first episode of Dark Moon with her boss’s (her) family. They are fans. Stuff happens. It turns out that Lian’s father was Lian’s character in the original Dark Moon and Lian has been living under his shadow all along. Gong Xi and Lian walk past Bu Po Shang without batting and eyelash. Bu Po Shang vows to become the biggest thing in the entertainment industry and win back Gong Xi’s heart. Gong Xi tells Lian that she no longer hates Bu Po, and she’s just happy to be acting. Jiang is doing commercials, so she and Gong Xi reunite to talk and send Gong Xi east (in pursuit of Lian).
There, in her home town, Gong Xi and Lian meet at their old stomping grounds. Gong Xi, worried that Dun He Lian is putting too much pressure on himself gives him her special rock and tells him that she got it from the fairy prince (Lian with blonde hair. I’m so glad I wasn’t making up the fairy thing.). Not only that, but she tells him about the fairy king and queen (Lian’s parents) and their special abilities. He cannot help but laugh at her. She imagines him as a fairy. He then apologizes to her and there’s A KISSING SCENE! WHAAAAAAAT? Oh but wait, it’s just Gong Xi’s imagination. When she gets back to work she is still in the Love Me Section, which she thought she had left in the dust. It's a tough life for her.
With all the storylines that didn’t get neatly tied up (the love stories, Love Me Section, etc.), there could be a second season. In fact, this is a link to a petition for the producers to make a second season with the original actors. I know that I liked the cast, especially Mr. Du, Jiang, and our lovely Super Junior members, so I will be signing it.
“As normal as having a toilette in the bathroom.” –Gong Xi in reference to being nervous around Lian