Skip-Beat! Episode 14 Review (Day 161)

Episode 14
Gong Xi chicken discusses love with Dun He Lian, because he doesn't know a thing about it. Later, when normal Gong Xi is giving him a bento, Lian invites her over to his place for the evening. The English subs were truly scandalous for the invite. However, he just wants to practice acting with someone he likes so that he can figure out how to act.
While Gong Xi acts the romantic lead, Dun He Lian tries to figure out how to act his role in Dark Moon. It doesn’t go as planned though, as he falls ever deeper into the pit of liking Gong Xi. First she stabs him by mentioning his character’s girlfriend. Then she tries to cook for him, which in the ways of the drama lead to him rescuing her, hugging her, and then asking her if she wants him to teach her how to kiss. She doesn’t realize that it is himself asking and not the character he is trying to portray (I hope every Siwon fan was like, “YES! Just kiss her already” even though T-Drama’s have very little kissing ever). Then she finishes cooking and leaves.
The next day is D-day. Lian has to perform his role in front of everyone, chairman and reporters included, and he has to do it perfectly. Everyone is super serious except Gong Xi because her job is to not be serious. Lian asks to go off script…and blows them out of the water. Even though the leading lady wanted to sabotage him, she was taken off guard and acted the correct way anyway. However, Lian appears to make a fatal mistake and begins a horrid little piano duet. What can be the outcome?