Skip-Beat! Episode 10 Review (Day 155)

Episode 10

I really really enjoyed this episode. The costumes. The hotness. The way it included all the important characters and Gong Xi wasn’t irritating. Mmmmm.
When we first meet our hero, Gong Xi, she is riding up to meet the music video producer. This requires some special features, so Gong Xi uses her grudge spirits to have her bicycle ride itself in front of the building. She then goes in and pretends that she’s not Gong Xi. Now she is Gigi and is excited by everything and everyone. Meanwhile, Bu Po Shang is wearing a horrid metallic tank top. When they eat lunch, Bu Po finds out she’s lying about who she is and decides he needs to check if it’s really Gong Xi or not. Therefore, he finds a perfume bottle and whips it out in front of her. She goes crazy talking about how the perfume is amazing and he smiles wickedly having revealed her true identity.
Once Bu Po knows who she is Gong Xi has nothing to lose and shows up on set cooly and setting his heart pitter pattering. They fight. Other people get jealous. Gong Xi tries to strangle Bu Po. Other people get jealous. Gong Xi realizes that she needs to work on her acting and so she tries to call Dun He Lian, but only manages to give half a message on his answering machine (a very suspicious message it is). Then she calls Jiang Nan Qin and figures out her problems. Gong Xi acts her heart out, wins, and makes Bu Po Shang more susceptible to her charms.
Dun He Lian heads south for filming, and while away, Mr. Du confronts him about his affections for Gong Xi. Lian brushes it off, but it serves as good foreshadowing. It also gives Siwon a chance to show off his sweet English skills. Oooooh.
Thanks to the great crow outfit Donghae wears as Bu Po Shang (and looks great in), the poofy ‘angel’ outfits Gong Xi and friend get to wear, and the long scene where Mr. Du accuses Dun He Lian of liking Gong Xi (which was great because we all want to see more of Mr. Du) this episode was great fun.