Pretentious Word of the Week: Histioblogonate (Day 157)

Unfortunately, the Pretentious Word of the Week this week is not actually pretentious. It is just long.
Histioblogonate, which means to determine what a wrapped present is without opening it, is a word that originated deep in the south of Manitoba, Canada (Morden). It is pronounced hiss-tea-oh-blog-oh-nait. The word histioblogonate has been propogated by select citizens of southern Manitoba (and Alberta) since the mid-90s and has been seen in print (newspaper) before. As many words are, when seen in print they become real words. That means you can use histioblogonate too.

While it is a fun word to use, the real interest in histioblogonate is its various forms. Yes, it means to figure out what a wrapped present is using your senses (hearing, smell, sight, and touch) without opening it, but that opens up other words.
Histioblogonator, someone who histioblogonates. People most often become one of these at birthdays or Christmas.
Unhistioblogonatable, the state a wrapped present is in when it is unguessable. This usually required weights, false sound makers, and a really well stuffed box. It usually also requires that your family/friends like histoblogonating.
Histioblogonating, the present form of histioblogonate, usually occuring when someone is trying to figure out what a wrapped present it.
Histioblogonation, the form used when declaring what one has histioblogonated a wrapped present is. For example, "My histioblogonation has determined that this present is a toy car."

So there you have it. May your histioblogonations be enjoyable.