"When I was 1" by Belén, 6B

In this photo I was 1.In this photo I was at my grandma's house. My favourite toy was a barbie doll.I didn't go to school because I was very little.I didn't have a mobile phone,but now I've got it.In this photo I was at Christmas.My favourite food was oranges and apples.
When I was 1 I lived in Murcia.In Murcia I had lots of friends: Carla,Pablo,Paula..
.I didn't have headphones because I hate them.I had a DVD player.Using it I watched a lot of films.
In this photo I wore a red dress.
When I was 1 I  didn't use a digital camera but my dad had one of this.
I  went to the park with my friends.
I didn't have a memory stick.I didn't have a laptop,but I had a lot of dresses because I loved dresses.