Epic 80's Movies : GoBots (Day 153)

Remember the 80's? Remember Transformers? Well, of course you remember Transformers, but do you remember GoBots? GoBots is pretty much essentially Transformers, but the plot moves faster and the characters have lamer names.

In the GoBots movie, the evil Cy-Kill(who is a motor Cy-Kill. Ha ha ha.) and the Renegades escape Gobotron to dun dun dun...Earth (of course, because aliens love earth) where he is discovered by a group of snoopy Americans. The Americans lives are threatened but they are saved by Leader-1 and his GoBot Guardians. Cy-Kill then proceeds to pursue his evil plan of total world/Gobotron domination one step at a time. He steals stuff. He blows stuff up. He uses mind control technology. He uses Cheyenne Mountain as his evil headquarters (which is great, because so does the Stargate Program in Stargate SG-1. Coincidence? I think not). With the mind control, Cy-Kill gets all the humans to attack the Gobot Guardians. They then have hostage situations, car chases, attempts to take over Gobotron,  and the eventual Gobot win. Ta da!

Best parts of GoBots = the bad names. Leader-1, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Scooter.
Second best part = the plot line moves faster than the Transformers storyline. Stuff happens at almost normal speed.
Third best part = the use of Russian vs. American relations, aka. the traditional Russian bad guy who isn't really the bad guy. It lead to some fun English jokes...and reminded me of Stargate SG-1 season 2 episode 1967.
Fourth best part = Crasher. While she's crazy, she is actually a cool female character as the flashy sports car and Renegade lieutenant.
Fifth best part = the mind control. It's so so bad with the humans being all zombified and saying lame things.
Sixth best part = all gobots can fly...and shoot electricity from their feet...or maybe that's just Crasher.
Biggest Transformers Rip-off = the giant dinosaur motorcycle...who shoots flames.

I give GoBots a 4 out of 5. If it is on while you are doing something else, it is very watchable and entertaining sounding. Cy-Kill has an epic voice. Scooter has an annoying one. Lots of things that defy logic occur. Overall, very cheesy and thus worth watching.