A-pop Tries to Get its Mojo Back (Day 143)

Thanks to the increasing numbers/popularity of pop groups and television shows in Asia, pop has started (for me) to be defined by the country it comes from. There's Kpop (South Korea), T-drama (Taiwan), Jpop (Japan), Cpop (Mainland China), and Hong Kong movies (which don't really have a nice shortened name). Since the United States of America are not the only ones to have pop groups, here we shall call their groups A-pop (They get a hyphen because it looks better that way).

A-pop tried to make a come back in 2011. Two American boybands debuted, both groups interesting in their own way. Many of us know of the popularity of the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC during the 90's when pop ruled the radio waves/hearts of teens. Let's see what their successors are like.

The first group to debut in 2011 was Midnight Red. They were a five member group who got to tour with NKOTBSB/New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys (so cool!). Each member had a different style and one even looked nerdy. Their singing was good.

The second group to debut in 2011 was Heart2Heart. They were a five member group mentored by Lance Bass of NSYNC and their style was based off of Kpop. Each member was supposed to be sexy but failed due to being too young. Their singing was not so good.

Based on Youtube hits, neither group was very successful at reviving the boyband, althought Heart2Heart did get over a million views. This is kind of unfortunate, since boybands are terribly much fun. Maybe next time they'll succeed.