The Fuge

August 2008 was a magical one. Every day began by jumping on the collectivo 8 from Itambae Mini to El Refugio. A playcenter/orphanage ran by teenage girls. Madness.

Always full of surprises, photographers and models. The photos from the Fuge remain my favourites to date.

Like this one I just found. Taken on Argentinian children's day (They actually have one!) . I like the hair blowing in on the left hand side.

Martin and Ali. Taking a break from liberating mangoes from the neighbours trees.

Sara y Elena portándose bien.

Days spent crocheting, skipping and cooing ¡QuĂ© Liiiiinnnndoooo!

I hope they are all doing amazingly well and that none have had the misfortune to move to Paraguay...Which they all assured me, was the armpit of Latin America.