Review: Secret Garden (Day 138)

Before we start, an admission. The book I was complaining about last week got better. Not 100% of course, but there are less promiscuous things happening and more plot, so things are working out okay. You would think this would teach me not to review things until I've finished them but no. Today's review is on the first five and half episodes of Secret Garden, a K-drama.

See this picture? It is totally unrelated to the storyline...other than those two being the main characters of course.

In Secret Garden, a wealthy department store owner accidentally meets the woman of his dreams - stunt woman Gil Ra Im. She takes a disliking to him since he has bad taste in track suits. However, through a series events caused by him obsessing over her, they eventually end up at Jeju Island together only to both drink "medicinal alcohol". Spoiler alert. The "medicinal alcohol" they drink causes them to body swap. Now she's in his body and he's in her body and they don't know how to get back. Otoke? (What to do?) Have awkward funny scenes of course. He teaches her how to put on a bra. She lears at other women. Etc. Etc. Laughs are had by most.

How do I feel about this drama? I really like it. The lead female character and her friend are both really likeable, atleast until the bodyswap. The leading man is ridiculous and therefore entertaining. There is even the worthy love adversary, Gil Ra Im's boss Director Im. I call him "Boss is Boss", because as the children say, he is so boss. What could make this better? Enter Oska, the washed up popstar with a sad love story who has to work with his former-ex and only true love. Other than being a popstar that is my age or older,  he adds depth to the storyline. Including the tension between the leads, the body swapping, and the cool stunts they invariably pull due to all the stuntpeople characters, the story is interesting and enjoyable. I give Secret Garden a 4 out of 5.