Reminising on German Class (Day 130)

Today, as I was chatting with my mom about songs from my elementary German class, I was reminded about a dear friend Poppinheimer. When I was young and thought that I was old and mature (about grade 6), my class would beg our German teacher to let us watch Poppinheimer videos...and then we would sing along to the theme song. We were soooo cool.

Now that you are wondering what Poppinheimer is, the answer. "Poppinheimer" was our name for German educational videos featuring an older man who lived in a winnibego. He would come out of his winnibego and sing a (bad) song while playing the piano attached to his winnibego door. After playing his song (which we all just sang along to) he would tell a story about his German family over in Germany, thus giving the viewer the chance to learn some German words and German culture. Basically it was a great cheesy educational show.

Now the issue. Mom doesn't know the Poppinheimer song. My little brother only recognizes it (apparently my class was the only one that liked to sing along). I thought I would show them it on Youtube. False. I can't find it. Poppenheimer is some German group I've never heard of, and there is not a peep about the educational show I watched as a child. Thus, my question is, what was the real name of the show (because it clearly wasn't Poppinheimer)? Please let me know if you recongize my description of it. The lyrics to the theme song are as such;

Have I got a story for you, my friend.
Have I got a story for you.
Well it might be a song we can just pretend.
But for you it can even come true.
Of people, and of places, and of reasons for things.
What they do, what they say, and of what each one sings.
Have I got a story for you, my friend?
Yes, I do, have story for you.
And especially, you! (the piano plunk goes at this point)