Monday Review: Thor (Day 129)

I recently had the good fortune to watch Thor, and the even better fortune to watch it with people who make fun of movies as much as I do. It was an enjoyable experience.

Best parts
Hitting Thor with a vehicle...twice, Thor's epic lines, Loki's costume, the gatekeeper.

Worst parts
Tedious backstory and all the Odin references. Examples: Odin-sleep.

Plot Summary
Natalie Portman is a hungry scientist type person looking for love wierd climate conditions. Thor is a bad boy who didn't listen to his father and so got sent through the super rainbow wormhole to earth, where he promptly got hit by a funny looking van. He says funnycrazy things. He is sent to, and escapes from a hospital, only to get hit by a vehicle...again. He tries to take the sword hammer from the stone, fails, and spend the rest of his time trying to figure out how to be a good guy. Fortunately for him, Natalie Portman shows him how to be a good guy, he gets the hammer back, and races off to Asgard to find out that his brother is an ice giant crazed with power. Epic fights ensue. Rainbow bridges are broken. People are sad. The end. The only question that remains is how he gets back to earth for the Avengers movie.

Some Assessment
Thor had a good start - all minute of it. The weather chasing scene was tense enough to create interest, and mysterious enough (because they hit a "mysterious" guy with their giant weather van) that it tided the viewer over the awkward/dull/tedious backstory. Mostly I didn't like it because Thor started off as such an unlikeable character. He was so high school. Returning to the story on Earth was a relief, but it was nice to return to Asgard (insert Stargate joke here) and it's rainbow bridge for the development of the plot arch. Maybe it's because costumes really make super hero movies. Best of all was Thor striding around Nowhere'sville like he owned the place. His one liners were epic, and turned the movie from a serious super hero flick into a super hero flick/comedy. I give Thor a 4 out of 5, because as super hero movies go, it was pretty good.