Pretentious Word Of The Week: Moon Type (Day 121)

This Christmas Eve, we take our pretentious word from Webster's Third New International Dictionary and Seven Language Dictionary, Unabridged: Volume 2, H-R. Originally the word was going to be "moony", but since that just means "of or relating to the moon, shaped like the moon, resembling or ornamented with the crescent moon, etc." and does not sound like a hoity toity word, we are going with "moon type".

Moon Type: "a system of large embossed letters used in printing for the blind and especially for those blinded late in life that requires less finger sensitivity that braille, consists of nine characters derived from Roman capital letters and used in varying positions to denote the whote alphabet, and is used with full orthography, the lines being printed alternately from left to right and right to left".

Now, since our dictionary was printed in 1966, we don't know if this type is still used, but we do know that it was used. Therefore it is still a functional word. Your challenge now is to find a book printed in moon type and talk about its font.