MVOTD: Suju (Day 124)

This Christmas, SM Entertainment gave all the E.L.F.'s (Super Junior super fans) a truly wonderful present. And no, it wasn't Santa U Are The One by Super Junior. It was Donghae and Eunhyuk's song Oppa Oppa, done for their recent concert series Super Show 4. I don't think that I can say enough good things about this song. At first, I felt like it was the 90's or something. Then Donghae came out in his sleazy red suit and started singing some sweet pop tunes. Then Eunhyuk joined in. And then... then they sported giant afro wigs and acted like goof balls.

At first, what they were up to was just a little crazy, but when the afro's came out (in opposite colours of what their current hair colour is. Nice!)  my "WHAAATTTT??"the meter went off the charts. They, Donghae and Eunhyuk, have more cheesetastic midichlorians than Master ZE:A! And they referenced ZE:A too. I couldn't take the grin off my face and I was tearing up from the shear funniness. So good. So good.
And here's their Christmas Eve performance of Oppa Oppa. I really like the way Eunhyuk does his 70's Oppa Oppa dance moves. So funny.