Monday Review: Love You You (Day 123)

Love You You...

Mainland film. Aka, made in China.

Well done...except for the English name.

The movie begins with the normal plot - woman goes to exotic location to spy on attractive man for unknown corporation. The woman and the man of course do not get along. Sparks (of anger) fly until they find themselves convincing another couple to get married. Then they know that they have feelings for the other person. Man lets woman sleep in sea. She sees him looking at her passport and leaves, knowing that he just found out she was a spy. He's like "WHAT???! Just explain things." They long for each other. Stuff happens.

What I left out here were the fun details. The little things that made it worth watching. The things that make you smile, laugh, or cry(if you cry in movies), because Love You You had it all.

I give Love You You a 3.5 out of 5.

Also, to explain the plot point above, let it be known that she sleepwalks and he is in charge of making sure that she doesn't sleep in the sea. Shazaam!